The Meaning of Life

Sunday, July 8, 2007 - 10:49am
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Happiness, Bliss, Total Fulfillment, Dharma, Nirvana, Buddhahood, VOID, are some of the loftiest expressions humankind comes by in the quest for meaning.

Ho ‘oponopono, translated from Hawaiian, making it right, rectifying, correcting, that I mentioned in my previous writing, is in sink with this quest.

The void has to be cleaned of junk, namely painful memories spanning over thousands of lifetimes, and rendered back into void. This cleaning should be redone daily and hourly.

In Kabbalah, the Hebrew word for “void” is “Ayn.” The same three letters make the word “Any,” which in English means “I.”

Negative memories/thoughts have a body and can be photographed with a high intensity electrical field photography—Kirlian photography.

Being made in God’s image and likeness, implies that “Ayn” created “Any.” Thus, the key is restoring the void by transmuting the painful memories (blocks) into void.

The three letters in the word “Any” constitute the three levels of our consciousness, translated from Hebrew: animal, man/woman—human and God.

Physicists confirmed that all creation--all universe--atom is built based on the three-prong model: electron, neutron and proton, and the smallest particles, quarks, in groups of three.

The animal is often called the subconscious or inner little child; the human, conscious or outer adult and God, Superconscious or Higher Self, linking us to the Universal God.

The subconscious is the one whose primal void becomes filled with memories and inspirations. The conscious is merely the organizer that may miss in maintaining the void.

In order to cleave to God, we must restore the void, which means, getting rid of painful memories, ours or others’ which entered our world, as we’re one with them.

In this manner we achieve FREEDOM from the above blocks. Freedom is the most precious gift to humankind as it enables one to attain lasting love and happiness.

The void is our real life, perfect, aligned with God’s Principle of Perfection, and through It with all creation. It could be filled with any inspiration, such as light, love and joy.

We must recognize that our memories are our sole responsibility, because through omission or commission we (from our conscious,) allowed them to contaminate our void.

These memories include the world around us that we are aware of it, as through God we are all one. Therefore, once in my thought it is my problem and my full responsibility.

I cannot blame my parents and ancestors, spouse, children, friends, foes and situations. That is because they are in my memory, they are in my thought. They are me.

Thus, they have become my problem by actualizing them in my thought, as we are all one and one with God. Therefore, it is me who created the problem.

Hence, it stands to reason that I have to begin from my conscious level to effect the correction. It has to impress upon my subconscious to repent, be forgiven and loved.

Relaxing in a comfortable place, I identify the negative thoughts--my problems and others’ around me, as a dark cloud, which is transmuted into light filling the void, by breathing deeply in an out, and thus cleaving to the Higher Self, and say to myself—AYN:


And Miracles Will Follow...

Love, Light and Joy,