Authors: Adrian Finkelstein, MD and Valerie Franich, MEd

Adrian Finkelstein, M.D.
Spiritual healer, teacher, author, researcher, speaker and world-class expert in past-life regression therapy over the past 30 years; former professor at three universities; recepient of the first distinguished awards from two top notch medical institutions for his outstanding and groundbreaking research work on mind over matter.

Paul Bern, Mgm Executive... Is The Mystery Around Him And His Death Finally Resolved?
Bio of Adrian Finkelstein, M.D.

Valerie Franich
The Reincarnation of Jean Harlow

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Gary Mantz Radio Show on July 11, 2010, With Valerie Franich, M.Ed, The Most Probable Reincarnation of Jean Harlow, Adrian Finkelstein, M.D., The Most Probable Reincarnation of Paul Bern and Dominique Glaub, Ph.D., veteran expert in past-life regression, who performed nine hours of conjoint past-life regression on both, on July 9, 10, 2010:

Gary Mantz Radio Show, on the reincarnation of Jean Harlow, featuring Adrian Finkelstein, M.D., former university professor of psychiatry at UCLA and world-class expert in reincarnation research, and Valerie Franich, M.Ed, the probable reincarnation of Jean Harlow, first most famous female Hollywood movie star in the 1930's; Hosts: Gary Mantz and Suzanne Mitchell. Aired out of Seattle Washington on June 14, 2009, 8:00-9:00 PM PST:

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BY LOVE RECLAIMED, JEAN HARLOW RETURNS TO CLEAR HER HUSBAND'S NAME, is available at Barnes and Noble bookstores in print and digitally in nook, iUniverse, and in

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Dr. Adrian Finkelstein has appeared for his professional work in CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Television-Geraldo at Large, BBC, GM TV UK, Japanese TV, Coast-to-Coast Radio, W-Radio and many other TV and radio media; featured big on front page in Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Boston Globe, Sunday Telegraph, and many other publications; praised for his book: Marilyn Monroe Returns: the Healing of a Soul by Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal.
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  • Your Past Lives and the Healing Process, A Psychiatrist Looks at Reincarnation and Spiritual Healing (1985)
  • A Psychiatrist Search For God, Back to God Finding Joy in Divine Union (1996)
  • A Search For Love Through Many Lives (Manuscript 1999)
  • Search For Love, Screenplay (2000)
  • Knowing Your Past Lives Can Heal You (Manuscript 2000)
  • Time Travel Video (2002)
  • A Psychiatrist’s Notebook, Practical Self-Discovery & Self-Help Spiritual Guide (2005)
  • Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company in June 30, 2006
The probable reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe in the person of Sherrie Lea Laird.

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Video: REMEMBERING PAST LIVES DOCUMENTARY, filmed in October, 2008 and aired in March, 2009, on VISION TV CANADA: Courtesy of "The Sorcery Films Inc." Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada. Featuring Adrian Finkelstein, M.D., Sherrie Lea Laird, Paul von Ward and others.


Dr. Adrian Finkelstein, the owner of this web page, as well as his designees managing it, claim no responsibility for anyone else besides themselves, for remarks, opinions and representations about anything that pertains to this site, or them and their work.

Owner's Note:

Being a medical doctor for forty-four years and a psychiatrist for forty years, I have always been open to the possibility to learn from the body-spirit interaction. The area of reincarnation has been an area of great interest all my life. This area is not without controversy and debate by many from all religions, ethnic and scientific backgrounds.

Developing a scientific approach to learning about the area of reincarnation as part of the parapsychological research as one of the academically recognized branches of psychiatry, is an area I have been fascinated with for a great part of my life. I believe that one can never say they are a hundred percent a person from a past life, due to the infancy of the field of parapsychological reincarnation research. To further find ways to work towards a scientific proof of past lives is my life passion.

The case of Sherrie Lea Laird being the most probable reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe is one that I find to be most intriging on many levels. I support Sherrie as an individual and I believe, she is a kind person. She has taken a new direction recently with a man who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and is linking him to the original captions of several Youtubes in which we are both featured being interviewed by the media. I do not know much about the man she is promoting as the "reincarnation of Jesus Christ." I do not have a scientific proof based on a research protocol that he is such a probable reincarnation. However, Sherrie does feel that strongly and absolutely that he is, and follows a path that is not hers, the way I had come to know her for twelve years prior to her change two years ago. That is why I am not responsible for and I do not endorse the said changes she made in the captions of those Youtubes.

I always approach people and life from a positive viewpoint and wish no harm or bad intent toward anyone or any organization. I wish all people well and I appreciate people also then, respecting my not becoming involved in that area they may believe in so strongly, that may even border on hatred towards other people, just because they are of a different nationality or creed, and using anarchism to effect social change.

Therefore, I conclude the above remarks presenting a series of questions and answers clarifying further and completing this disclaimer.




Dear Friends,

You've probably heard of the publicity expression: "A Snapshot in Time..."

Well, each of our lives' and their legacies' events are a snapshot in time, for the most part...

And every snapshot, every moment has its own truth...

True, many times, if we choose to find a contiguity between them, we are deeply disappointed... because they are so conflicting one with another...

But, that IS the case, each of them remains a snapshot, a moment in time...

We learn from our mistakes from one reincarnation to another, and at the time when we apparently erred, we proceeded in good faith, that what we did was correct...

And most probably it was...

But things change from one moment to another...

That's why, instead of calling them mistakes, we may call them momentary hypothetical truths...

Only in retrospect, they may be considered as errors by omission, or commission, with no malice attached, but on the contrary, based on good faith...

The change into the new truth in the next snapshot, moment, could have been already there as the truth, but hidden from our observation in the previous moment, and thus, it was not registered... or the previous one contained its own truth, and now is completely changed that may fatally contradict what was a truth before. THIS IS THE NEW TRUTH!

For instance, my book: MARILYN MONROE RETURNS: THE HEALING OF A SOUL, was such a snapshot, a moment in Sherrie Lea Laird's life and legacy that paralleled with a high probability, based on the scientific research protocol used, the life and legacy of Marilyn Monroe...

They still do... However, the only difference is that Sherrie's now, shows a definite turnabout, unlike Marilyn's, toward hatred...

That is why I have disassociated from her in presenting and representing the truthful snapshot in time of my book/film in development, titled: MARILYN MONROE RETURNS... namely, for the period spanning from October 1998 through 2010...

It was in 2010 when Sherrie, in spite of my numerous attempts to convince and bring her back to the way we were, and promote the story of the probable reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe in her person, in the name of love, peace, understanding and oneness in the world, she took her above noted turnabout toward hatred. And that hatred she has been directing ever since toward other people, just because they are different, and believing in a man propagating the same hatred like her, whom she believes is Jesus Christ reincarnated...

My disclaimer that appears in my websites: and is self explanatory in this respect.

I take this opportunity to stress that I do not judge Sherrie, but I only discern her change... Also, I'm not discarding her being the probable reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe...

I still feel that we all embody, like God's vast universe as a whole, both good and bad, and the choice to pick the good...

Unfortunately, some of us choose to pick the bad...

I always pray for Sherrie, that Marilyn/Sherrie Return for THE REAL HEALING OF A SOUL... in real love, peace and humanitarianism, as we both pursued them together, to begin with, in the previous snapshot, moment in time...





It appears that lately, Sherrie Lea Laird, ceased her negative activities on Internet and elsewhere, as she promised me. To this date she seems to keep her word. She wrote to me and apologized that she was mislead by negative and hatred-oriented individuals and that she has changed her ways, returning to the way she was when we started working together on the Marilyn Monroe’s probable reincarnation research, some seventeen years ago.

As I accept her apology, I’m working again with her on our book and film projects:

Adrian Finkelstein, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai Alumni, Parapsychology, Filmmakers, Film Producers, Screenplay Writers, Actors, The Menninger School of Psychiatry Graduate Adrian Finkelstein, MD—recipient of Graduate Distinguished Research Award 1972, Central Neuropsychiatric Association Adrian Finkelstein, MD— recipient of A.E. Bennett Distinguished Award 1972, Chicago Medical School Mount Sinai Medical Center Adrian Finkelstein, MD—Assistant Professor of Psychiatry 1972-75, Rush Medical College—Rush University Adrian Finkelstein, MD—Assistant Professor of Psychiatry 1975-90, UCLA School of Medicine Adrian Finkelstein, MD—Assistant Professor of Psychiatry 1991-2010, Adrian Finkelstein MD—Graduate of Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School Jerusalem Israel 1968.