By Love Reclaimed: Jean Harlow Returns to Clear Her Husband's Name
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I’ve been asked by many to tell what’s my story…personally and professionally, and defend myself, in face of the barrage of controversy that has been stirred up over the years, by foes, and at times even by some very dear friends, for whom I’ve remained loyal, in spite of their vicious attacks, based on mere intrigue rather than truth. I’m praying for them to open their hearts, eyes and ears to civility and truth, and stop spreading false rumors about me, and be grateful for all that I’ve wholeheartedly done for them. Obviously, the reference is about my book: Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul.

I don’t consider my personal story of importance, that’s why I don’t wish to take any more of your time with this matter. Also, I don’t need to defend or excuse myself, because there is nothing of substance that has been leveled against me and my book, to defend, or excuse myself for it. There is a French saying: “Qui s’excuse s’accuse,” which means: “Excusing oneself is accusing oneself.” But, the story of Marilyn Monroe reincarnated, as told in my book reveals the truth of my story, as well. There is nothing to add to it, and from my part, to date, nothing has changed.

For a summary of the above story, I refer the reader back to my blog: Happy Thanksgiving, November 22, 2007, where I shared the Afterword from my book.

Wishing the best to everyone,