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I need to share with you, that after over two years of attempting to dissuade Sherrie Lea Laird, the subject of my book on reincarnation: “Marilyn Monroe Returns, The Healing of a Soul,” that got wide media exposure, to cease her campaign of HATE ONLINE, she has up to now practically declined to so, in spite of promising me that she would.


Under these circumstances, she left me no recourse, but to write to her the following letter of conditional disassociation from her and her views that she began expressing online about two years ago. My contention has nothing to do with her political views, but THE HATE ONLINE they propagate, which I completely reject. My DISCLAIMER, at the bottom of my websites: and, as well as in the Facebook is self-explanatory on this matter.


And here is the letter I’ve just sent to Sherrie Lea Laird: 


Hi Sherrie,


Remove my picture and my name associating me with "Mel Gibson & Sherrie Lea exposing ISIS RA Elites & Holocaust 'deniers,'" as I don't subscribe to Mel Gibson's or your views on Israel and Israelites. As a matter of fact I do not subscribe to any HATE ONLINE! I subscribe only to LOVE ONLINE! If you want our many years of hard work on reincarnation to be what we agreed it to be from the very beginning, for the good of humanity (Israel and Israelites included,) you must cease immediately your campaign of HATE ONLINE, otherwise you force me to disassociate from you in promoting to the world the truth of reincarnation and its healing and unifying power to humanity. This disassociation applies also to any third party you are communicating with, representing or disseminating any information on this subject matter. As you know my country is the WORLD and my religion is LOVE. God Bless, Adrian Finkelstein, M.D.