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With the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, and linked to this event by the makers of these you tube series of Skype past-life regressions, the “reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe” in the person of Edith Daniel, I received many inquiries to explain how it could be possible for my case, Sherrie Lea Laird and the recent week’s case of Edith Daniel presented by dentist Dr. Bruce Goldberg, to be the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe?


I am the author of the book: Marilyn Monroe Returns, published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company on June 30, 2006. It describes some eight years of intensive research into the probable reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe in the person of Sherrie Lea Laird, a top of the charts singer from Toronto, who turned out to be the probable reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, according to the scientific protocol used in this research. This book got extensive exposure on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, GM TV, Geraldo Rivera, Japanese TV, Coast-to-Coast Radio, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Boston Globe, Sunday Telegraph and numerous other media, between 2006-2007.


Because of my expertise as a physician, board certified psychiatrist, university professor, and my sub-specialization over the last 35 years in that branch of psychiatry/psychology called parapsychology, which studies the possibility of survival after physical death, I have received numerous inquiries regarding this new case of the “reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe" in the person of an Israeli woman revealed by Dr. Bruce Goldberg, by the name of Dr. Edith Daniel.


I’ll attempt to reply to these inquiries, as following:


1. As I was not present during those sessions and the recording of said you tubes is technically not very comprehensible to me and others who listened to them, one would only have to trust without questioning both Dr. Edith Daniel and Dr. Bruce Goldberg that they are telling the truth, without tangible objective and neutral assessment by a third party.


2. In my long experience with past life regression, when done on Skype, it is grossly unreliable. Physical presence is reassuring regarding subject’s safety and commands more credibility.  At times, during trying emotional upheavals, holding a hand, touching the forehead, being physically close-by is a must, and make the information so much more reliable and truthful, thus, unblocked by unnecessary extra fear of abandonment at this time of dire need for support. It reminds me of the time of my psychiatric training as a fresh M.D., many years back, at the Menninger School of Psychiatry, when during observation of the effect of LSD on a person, we the trainees were instructed by our professor to hold their hand at times, giving them our full support. That is because some experienced a very bad trip. That’s what I did with Sherrie during the regressions I performed on her, when she experienced profound emotional pain.


3. Also, in a person like Marilyn, emotion such as being very upset and crying, would unfold spontaneously, out of the sleeve so to speak, and does not require such a long almost deliberate length of time to manifest, as in Edith's case. It is like Edith is taking too long thinking about sad things, until it results in tears. That may normally happen to any sensitive people. Also it could be plain malingering, making it up. Is it? I hope not.


4. Edith’s facial architecture appears completely different from that of Marilyn Monroe, unlike that of my subject, Sherrie Lea Laird, who got also a FBI-facial recognition bone geometry value calculated by two independent veteran researchers as almost identical with that of Marilyn Monroe, with only 1.1% margin of error, which is way below the acceptable maximum of 5% for statistical validity. It is a very robust finding. It may happen extremely rarely that there is an error with such a result. Four quantified psychological personality tests proved also a probable match between the two women. With 1.1% margin of error of their FBI-Facial Geometry comparison, these two women, Sherrie Lea Laird and Marilyn Monroe, each can pass through a security gate as one and the same person. In other words, these two women seem to be two lifetimes with one face and one personality.

It cannot be said at this point, from the Internet published data and you tubes information that is the case with Edith versus Marilyn.


5. If we should trust all this story of Edith Daniel, then she may be sensitive, channel Marilyn’s energetic being, or pick up vibes from a previous lifetime, in which she was in Marilyn Monroe’s close entourage. And this is the most frequent occurrence in my experience with hundreds of beautiful women stepping forward and claiming in an absolute way that they are the reincarnation of the famous actress. It is called a LANDMARK REINCARNATION. Because of living in the proximity of a famous person of a historical era such as Cleopatra, or Napoleon, one may identify with them subconsciously and claim they ARE that personality.


6. Dr. Edith Daniel introduces herself as a metaphysician and also the subject of this research. That may introduce the element of bias in this “discovery,” unless it is verified by at least two independent and objective experts in past-life regression research.


7.  Academic books and articles of specialty in scientific hypnosis describe the use of SELECTIVE, OR SPECIFIC AMNESIA, in order to erase as much as possible specific selected memories that could be found in abundance from public record, especially on a celebrity such as Marilyn Monroe. I used Selective Amnesia on Sherrie. From the you tubes presenting Edith, it is not apparent that it was used during her hypnotic past-life regressions.


8. The regressive work with Edith is rather short and done over a brief span of time, unlike Sherrie’s which took eight-year painstaking span of meticulous research work comprising in excess of 40 hours of videotaped regressions, some very dramatic, with spontaneous emotions of pain, suffering and crying,  as shown in CNN, Geraldo Rivera, BBC and the Japanese TV documentary.


9. Marilyn Monroe wanted to be, and she was more of an accomplished singer rather than an actress. Listening to the you tube recording of Edith’s singing, sorry to say, if in reality it is as in the recording, it cannot compare with that of Sherrie Lea, who became renown with her top-of- the-charts song: “No Ordinary Love.”


10. The claim of non-public record new information from Edith’s regressions is questionable and hard, or impossible to verify, if it is at all valid.


11. Kevin Ryerson, famed psychic who featured with Shirley Maclaine in her film: “Out on a Limb,” channeling the notoriously accurate ancient Egyptian spirit of Ahtun Re in past-life matches, also confirmed Sherrie Lea Laird as the linear and only reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. As a scientist I know that the best psychics have an overall accuracy of about 80%.Butthis could be only one factor even if it is valid.


12. Astrological concordance, shows both Marilyn and Sherrie were born at 9:30 am and in the same North Moon Node House of Aquarius, which stands for learning in this lifetime humanitarianism. I take this occasion and wish Sherrie to follow this call, her real call, rather than others’. As a scientist, I know that certain astronomical planetary aspects and moon nodes seem to have an influence on human behavior as the proverbial “full Moon,” bringing animals and people to an edge...


13. In conclusion, as compared with Edith, Sherrie responds favorably to all the remarks and objections I raised above, not as in Edith’s case, and in my view remains at the present, the most detailed and provable case of the probable reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.


14. I don’t want to speculate on the motives in producing and spreading on Internet this story about Edith, in order to coincide with the 50’s anniversary of Monroe’s death, which would offer the highest public media exposure. I want to believe that it's main intent is not for fame and money, as it was not mine and Sherrie’s. In my view everything is possible, but in Edith’s case, I have to conclude that it is not probable as it is in Sherrie’s case.


15. Also, as a closing note, no serious scientific researcher can ever claim absolutely a reincarnation, as psychics and astrology may do. Even in the amply documented case of Sherrie Lea Laird, I cannot say but only that she appears to be the probable reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.


Best wishes to all,




Addendum: One of the inquirers, Roy, wrote a blog on the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. He thanked me for replying to his questions prior to completing his blog. And here is the link to his blog:



followed by my answer:

[P.S.:]Dear Roy, I was not "quick to reply," as you stated in your blog. I'm rather prompt to respond to my praisers as well as my critics. And this is out of courtesy and respect, no matter what their opinion is. I happen to disagree with yours which implies that Marilyn Monroe could not possibly be reincarnated and that  the only one who remains is the original one. Also, yours appear to be the implication deeply rooted in the Western culture that reincarnation doesn't exist, though two thirds the  of world's population believe in reincarnation. It includes many prominent scientists and artists. Also, out of revering truth whether is favorable or not, I'm not phrasing "carefully" my reply to inquiries, as you put it. I do it out of consideration to the inquirer, because I don't fear but the lack of truth.

In addition, I would like to correct a misinformed piece of information that I noted being incorrectly repeated especially in the British press and appears in your blog, as well. Namely, Sherrie Lea Laird was born eleven months (July 11, 1963) rather than nine months after Marilyn Monroe's death (August 5, 1962). The confusion seems to stem from the fact that Kezia, Sherrie's daughter was born nine months after Gladys Baker, Marilyn's mother died.

And here is a brief note on the very recent scientific breakthrough discovery in physics, probably the greatest ever--the subatomic "Higg's particle," coined also as "the particle of God." That explains how our universe was formed. Higg's particle acts as a glue that binds together energetic particles into matter. As we know from physics, that matter does not disappear, but only transforms into energy, which in turn is never lost. It stands to reason that reincarnation is part of this new understanding, how our material universe was formed. Likewise, it is feasible that once the body's [specific DNA's] biological clock allotment or life span ended, it does not disappear, but transforms into energy [energetic specific DNA to a person, be it Marilyn Monroe or Jane Doe], which is never lost. This specific energetic DNA and it's atomic and subatomic particles, guided by photonic rememberance, like a computer remembering an e-mail address just by clicking on it's first letter, are glued together by the Higg's particle in the womb of this new lifetime's mother. Certainly, in this process it may  take some of the characteristics of the new pair of parents. This specific DNA seems to return through these cycles of "rebirth" in order to correct old mistakes and perfect itself to become eventually "God-like." However, the so-called "soul essence" remains constant the way it was formed during the Big Bang (God's Creation). Then, the bones and cartilaginous formations of the body, such bone facial architecture, eyes and their expression, ears, vocal cords, hands, feet, body type, brain pathways, relays and storage of thinking, emotion and personality, practically pass unchanged from one lifetime to the next, especially when these lifetimes are closer to each other in time.

In any case, Finkelstein, and also the great geniuses Einstein and Lawrence, and a majority of the humankind, according to credible statistics, continue to accept a higher Force that directs everything in the universe the way we we know it, and that is God. Some may call It under different names: Higher Power, Numerical Order, Mother Nature, etc.

 [All my best,