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In my view, Halloween is a way by which programmed negativity, blocks, all badness, by authority figures over lifetimes, preventing one to cleave to THE HIGHER POWER WITHIN AND EVERYWHERE, are “scared away.”

The hallow pumpkin with the light inside represents one’s ORIGINAL PERFECT VOID--FREEDOM from any negativity. IT is filled with LIGHT, LOVE, JOY, PEACE and ALL GOODNESS, resulting from the triumph of the GOOD (GOD) over evil.

The spirits of evil and all badness, are cast out, while those of Light, Love, Joy, Peace, and All Goodness (God,) are welcome.

Just my interpretation…You may think of any other that appeals to you…




Spiritual Halloween

By Cheryl Glover


New Thought Kabbalah

There are tons of articles on Halloween. They are either historical, mythical

or designed to stop misbeliefs. This one is spiritual.

First, let us lighten up. This is a holiday that is supposed to be fun. Fun for kids, fun for parents,

fun for adults. If I read one more article on the pros or cons of Halloween-- I'm going to scream.

One more article on Pagan vs. Christian vs. Jewish VS. The Celtics??? It sounds like football game.

And maybe that is all it should be.

The spiritual truth behind Halloween is that all religions have ways of honoring their ancestors. YES, that is what Halloween is about. It is a time to honor and pay attention to the lessons that your ancestors have given you. Eve of the Hallows. Remember Grandma and Grandpa and what legacy they left on this planet. Remember their struggles so you may learn from their lessons and life may be easier for you. Remember their LOVE, their warmth, their light and their words.

Halloween is a time for meditating on what gifts your loved ones have left you. May we never live in a society that forgets their dead. Such a society would be prone to forget their lame, their handicapped and their not so fortunate. May we remember our forefathers and foremothers of our country, our ancestor nations and our various religions. May we always remember the patriarchs and matriarchs and may we learn from them.

May we use the memory of those who have gone before us to build stronger futures for ourselves and our children. May we remember the wars-- so we do not repeat those mistakes. May we remember the love--so that we may hope. May we remember the pain--so that we may live in joy.

Halloween is a celebration of legacy. We celebrate what our ancestors have given us. We remember the dead and know that our children will remember us. This allows us to celebrate LIFE. Lichaim. For Life. Most of all this is a holiday to count your blessings. For the road behind you is rich in tradition, wisdom and experience. And so is the road before you. Lichaim, Blessed Be & Shalom.

Copyright @ 2004 Cheryl Glover