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A producer of a reality show on children’s reincarnation contacted me recently.  I replied:




Certainly, I will find the time for you that would be mutually convenient for both of us. I realize that your show is on extremely tight deadline.  And that is why I would like to be of help to you with the classic and very dramatic child reincarnation story I mentioned briefly to you on the phone. It appears in my first book: YOUR PAST LIVES AND THE HEALING PROCESS: A PSYCHIATRIST LOOKS AT REINCARNATION AND SPIRITUAL HEALING, published in January 1985 by Coleman Publishing, NY. It preceded a similar book on reincarnation: MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS by Dr. Brian Weiss, that was published in 1988, and he quoted me and my book as "suggested reading" in his book: THROUGH TIME INTO HEALING. However, It is reassuring that Dr. Weiss' reincarnation story in MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS is that of Katherine, a young woman, a confirmation of a classic similar case of mine, a 22 year-old woman, Doris G., described in my book: YOUR PAST LIVES AND THE HEALING PROCESS.


Carol Bowman, PhD, had published a book on children’s reincarnation in 1997 titled: CHILDREN'S PAST LIVES, confirming my very detailed and dramatic case of a child's reincarnation--that of a seven-year old girl, Mary F. She describes in her book the reincarnation story of her own five-year old son, Chase, dramatically remembering being a soldier during the Civil War. 


Certainly, I personally could present my above child reincarnation case in your show, as Mary F., now 40 year-old, could not participate in your show due to her other personal activities that make her unavailable. For more information about me, please visit my websites: and Also, I appear in Facebook, as Adrian Finkelstein, MD, ( under BY LOVE RECLAIMED ( and Contact:; phone: 310-918-7413. 






P.S.: If you consider it suitable, and it helps your show, to make it easy for casting, and due to your show deadline, I'll scan the photos and duplicate the text of the story of Mary F. from my book: YOUR PAST LIVES AND THE HEALING PROCESS, as follows: 


Fig. No. 2--House made out of studs, tied up with strings as described by Paula Liborio.

(Historical Museum--Guadalajara)



Fig. No. 3--Lake Chapala, surrounded by mountains, correctly described by Paula Liborio.


Fig. No. 4--Tala Church--Parroquia de Tala, Jalisco where Paula Liborio's Baptismal Certificate was found. [Confirming her birthday registration; her birthday was January 30, 1862 and the registration as attested by Mary F was February 18, 1862.)


Fig. No. 5--An old picture of the Tala Church as it looked at the time of Paula Liborio and described and thus identified by Mary F.



Fig. No. 6--Paula Liborio's original Baptismal Certificate found in the Tala Church. See bottom paragraph, it starts with the name Paula and it confirms she was born to Agapito Liborio, her father.


Another type of research that proves to be quite fascinating concerns the recollections of a seven-year old  going on eight-year old girl. Her name is Mary F. Without hypnosis, this girl could go into a past existence and give very detailed accounts. The session was tape-recorded, like the others. She just covered her eyes, sat down relaxed and printed on "the blackboard of her mind" that her name was Pavrah Lemgap, which she corrected later to Paula Liborio., age 24. The year was 1886. She gave her birthdate as February 18, 1862. Her birthplace was Tala, Mexico. She printed these names on the "blackboard of her mind," too. Her occupation was horse racing. I asked her what was the cause of her death, and she said she was killed in a horserace, when she slid and fell off her horse, fatally striking her head; she died May 8, 1886. I continued and asked her how long she waited until she was born again in this lifetime. Without hesitation, or deliberation she replied immediately: "86 years." [Paula Liborio was born in 1862, died at 24, in 1886, and Mary F was born 86 years later, in 1972].


She described the house in Tala, Mexico as being of a "funny" shape, very small. She could draw it later on. It was made of logs and ropes that held tile logs together. There were logs that were held together also in the roof, a string was on the top, keeping together the two slanted parts of the roof, and ropes were also on the sides…There was a window, some draperies there, very simple, and one door(See Fig. No. 2!) The terrain and landscape consisted of grass and also dirt, there was a forest on the left side of the house, with very tall pine trees; the ground was covered with thick hay.


      Later on she drew for me a circle of houses. The houses of the neighbors, including hers, were arranged in a circle. She said in the middle of the circle of houses there were some rocks, little rocks, but nearby there was a big sea, or lake and she started spelling it for me "Chapara." (See Fig. No. 3!) Looking at the map we find there is no other name for a big sea or lake in Mexico that would fit that description and location except Chapala Lake.


      She described a few flat hills. Her mother was portrayed as having long hair in a bun, and a long dress with an apron. She said mother mostly worked, she cleaned the house. She was a housewife. The father was not rich. Bald and tanned from the sun like Paula, he was dressed "not very pretty." He had a shirt, green jacket without sleeves. He doesn't have a job, he did not learn a lot, he didn't have enough money for school, he helps people cutting wood, and cleaning for them," etc. Paula had a sister and a brother, the sister was a teenager, about sixteen or seventeen year-old, younger than Paula, the brother was older, about twenty-eight year-old and was not married. He was going to work in a large building. Paula mentioned that the family were close to one another, as they "don't have a lot of money," and they had to get along with each other. Paula got a job horse racing. She was not married as she was trying  "to get money" to enter the horse race, "to win money" and help her family. Paula got along the best with her sister; she was always on Paula's side whenever "she got into trouble."  She described the village where she lived as being a small one. Neighbors sold things to them, such as brooms, and Paula's family would borrow things to them. All of them were good friends; they were eating Mexican foods, as they were "Mexicans not Indians."


      At this point I asked Paula to describe one of their dishes. She described a dish that looked "like a circle," and was sweet, maybe it was a dessert, "it is made out of fruit--bananas and pineapples covered with some white stuff, like cream."




The rest of three and a half pages I'll sent to you tomorrow, as now I have to go to work. i hope it is okay with you. 








Following is the rest of Mary F's reincarnation story:


She claimed that they had always lived in the village.  There was a game they often played.  She described this game as being blue in color and was called Bocca.  There are sticks and rocks, and the sticks are tied to the rocks;  one holds onto the stick, and there is a rectangular board made out of wood; each player has a stick with a rock, glued at one end, and there is a rock in the middle of the board.  The aim of the game is to see who can push the rock from the middle of the board with the stick, to the other players home base; whoever succeeds is the winner.  Paula drew the game for me later on. In the encyclopedia Britannica, "Boccie" is defined as an old Italian bowling game which is also played in Italian communities in the United States, Australia, and South America, and is very similar to "Bocca" as described by little Mary.


They used to make balls to play with as children; they made them out of wood and covered them with cloth, different colored cloth.  Paula described to me a very sad event in her life:  there was an old lady, a close friend, a woman in the neighborhood, that died of a heart attack.  Also, she reported her grandparents' death.  They made a grave for them nearby, and a headstone on the grave with white small rocks, spelling out their names, printed in white.  Sticks were placed behind to hold the stone up.


When Paula died, she was buried like her grandparents, in a grave close to the houses.  Paula described to me a Mexican coin of the time, and later she drew it; on one side it shows a village with several houses, and later she drew it; on one side it shows a village with several houses, and on the top is printed "Mexico."  On the other side is a palm tree and again on the top is printed "Mexico."  Paula said she prayed that she would have "a lot of money" by winning the race; she "tried praying a lot so G-d would help," but it did not.  She named her subconscious as "Paula" and said "Paula, entered the wrong body in Mexico."  This life around, "Paula entered the right body."  This time she wants to live and have the abundance that she missed in the previous lifetime.


This is true, as she was born this time around to parents that can give her a life of abundance.  She chose them this time because she claimed she was "fed up with being poor."  Paula described under my questioning, a special alcoholic drink called "Pequira," and said that it looks orange or yellow, and it is sweet, it contains lime juice and pineapple.  Investigating the findings from this little girl, Mary, it appeared that a great deal of her information was authentic.  First of all, what was very striking was that she gave the name of "Tala" as the place of her birth, which fits her description, as it is on mountainous terrain with pine trees and is close to Guadalajara, in Mexico, at an elevation of about 5,000 feet.  She could also say, without deliberation, very fast for her age, without calculation, the right figures that added up and prove the validity of her claim.  She said that she was born in 1862 and she died at age 24, which means she died in 1886.  Then again, without hesitation, or time to calculate, she said rapidly that she waited 86 years to reincarnate.  1886 plus 86 makes 1972, when Mary was born this time around.  When asked to say about any water, around the place where she lived, she spelled a name that was closest to Lake Chapala spelling, which is the largest lake in Mexico, and is quite close to the place where Paula lived, located as she described, "on the right" of her house - East and South.  Her simple-minded account seemed so natural, that it is hard to believe it is made up.  The names that she gave appear to be Spanish names, including her own name.  The morals of that small society seem to be accurate and there is a Mexican food that looks like she described, it is a dessert circle-shaped, covered with cream and its name may correspond to "Flange."  She could name the drink that was popular at the time, "Pequira."  It appears that she slightly misspelled the name of "Tequila."  The pronunciation of Tequila, in Mexican, sounds like Mary gave it to me, which is "ira" instead of  "lla" the pronunciation of the L is like R, the same things with Chapala which was spelled by her "Chapara."  Besides, Mary could give me the composition of this drink; to my surprise, looking in the Encyclopedia Britannica, I found that these ingredients are used to make Tequila.  The color of it is yellow, light orange, or straw colored.  This case of Paula Liborio is very relevant.  This provides an excellent example to support a theory of reincarnation.  It is hard to assume that a child of eight years old, would bring such information so easily, and that this information would contain so many accurate details, as she never had any Mexican exposure in her present lifetime.


In retrospect, after a visit to Tala, Mexico, immediately prior to the completion of this book, I would check first hand in the Registrar of Baptism (Fig. 6) of newborn children, in the only church in Tala, Mexico (listings since 1500's), three names of Paula with "L," Liborio (See figures No. 4 and 5!)  Only this one was baptized on January 30, 1862, the closest to February 18, 1862 that Mary related to me, which seems to be the time of registration that came after her birthday.  Later on Mary confirmed that her real name was Paula Liborio and not only the name of her Subconscious.  This appears in my experience a common occurrence when a name of a Subconscious is chosen because it is the name of the individual in  a previous life.  Mary could also identify a picture of Benito Juarez as "The President," of Mexico at the time.  Moreover, she identified "Charro" as referring to female horse racing, that was popular at the time, and it can be verified in the book of Jose Alvarez del Villar, entitled Men and Horses of Mexico.



This is another amazing case that opens the real question of reincarnation as a plausible hypothesis.  This girl does not have unusual psychic abilities, nor is she a medium by any means, and had no way to get this information in her current life.  In the former life she was Catholic.  In her present Jewish family she was never exposed to Mexican culture, therefore, her information seems to be accurate, simple, without flowers, and comes right from the source her memory bank, in her Subconscious.  It was made accessible through this exercise of past life regression.  This is an impressive case,  though not unique of its type, because it is a well-known fact that usually children have a better memory of past-life facts than adults.  Even if Mary F. had had psychic abilities, it is most improbable she would be able to describe with such accuracy, names, dates, places, events as they did, which again strengthens the reincarnation hypothesis, as the only explanation available now.


In Paula LIborio's case, her birthdate was January 30, 1862,  (sun sign-Aquarius), which corresponds to the Capricorn-North Moon's Node.  In her current life as Mary F., she was born on July 22, 1972 (Sun sign-Leo), which also corresponds to the Capricorn North Moon's Node.  In many past lives she was therefore experiencing in Cancer South Moon's Node.  This implies in both lives this girl has been learning the same life experience - the experience of Capricorn, which would logically make sense, as in the previous life she died prematurely.  Therefor, she apparently, had not sufficient time to experience in the Capricorn North Moon's Node, long enough.  That is why in this lifetime she is to repeat the same experience.  This karmic astrological concordance in Mary F.'s case is another proof favoring the validity of her reincarnation.